Ling Valentine - When responsive sites work as well as a chocolate iPhone

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

For Ling and Eddie’s talks I was stuck in the dark seats and so my notes are sparse. Ling made some interesting points about the important of the big buying decisions that people make on her site, and doubted whether a smartphone could ever be a comfortable place for that kind of transaction. I suspect many in the audience disagreed with that, but you’d have to be pretty grumpy not to like Ling’s presentation and gusto. Which is reflected on the site Lings cars

Jon Hicks - Icon Design Process

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

Long been fan of Jon Hicks lovely icon work and bought the Icon Handbook. This talk was great for getting the tons of information contained in the book. Not quite so sure it worked quite so well as a talk. I’ve heard Jon on podcasts and would have liked him to digress and talk around the subject a little more, like I’m sure he can. Some of the examples of odd icons he gave, showed a glimpse of how entertaining and informative he can be when going ‘off piste’.

Jeremy Keith - The Long Web

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

I’ve seen Jeremy speak twice before and each time was a wide ranging and interesting snapshot of a topic, so I was expecting more of what had worked well in the past. This felt different - the same overview and context of a wider web was still there but he talked through the redesign and refactoring of The Session. Nicely relating everyday development of a site to the principle of preservation and the future friendly web.

Jeffrey Zeldman - Ten Commandments of Modern Web Design

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

Jeffrey Zeldman finished the day, and gave a cracking talk that had lots of examples, anecdotes, ideas and suggestions liberally littered throughout. I think he did a great job of sending everyone away all fired up to do great work, but with some specific links to help. A pretty ideal combination to my mind. Because it was such a great talk it makes sketchnoting it pretty easy, and I’ve a feeling that I’ll be flicking back to my notes pretty regularly over the next few months.

Eddie Machado - Crafting your Toolset

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

Eddie did an interesting roundup of the the techniques he used to create the handheld site. It was notable not only for a very in depth explanation of the process, but also for his honesty when confessing things that he’d done that he wasn’t entirely happy with. Detailing the compromises in that way made it better for me, and talking about them in front of a huge audience must have been daunting.

Brendan Dawes - Carefully Everywhere

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

Brendan’s talk was a nice change of style with him talking very fluidly about the very fluid and exploratory work that he keeps in his ‘cupboard of experiments’ ready to be used in more commercial work. I especially like the quote from Paul Rand that a designers’ job is To symbolise and summarise. A concept that I also liked was the idea of ‘surfacing’ information out of data; the idea of creating poetry around and out of data. His joy in doing this work really came across, and the enthusiasm was infectious.

Andrew Clarke - How to call your client an idiot without getting fired

29 Nov 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld13 Live

A late substitute to the speaker line up was Andy Clarke, who delivers great presentations, talked about how Responsive Web Design has changed the landscape of how we communicate with clients, and offered some pointers on how we can do this successfully. All delivered without slides, he outlined some of the pitfalls of getting too fixated on design deliverables during the process to the detriment of the atmosphere of the work.

Sketchbook again

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This sketchbook is three months worth of scribbles, sketchnotes and doodles. It seemed to fill up pretty quick - which has the added advantage of not falling apart before I get to the end. One of the fun things I’ve started doing is a daily drawing (of variable quality) of myself and then water colouring it. I’ve collected the ones I did from the book, and they’re pretty fun all collected together.

ODI Lunchtime Lecture

17 Oct 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Audio

I listened to the a lunchtime lecture from The Open Data Institute and drew some notes to help me

Port80 Summer Localhost 2013 Sketchnotes

22 Sep 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Live Port80

I drew some sketchnotes at the Port80 Summer Localhost