Port 80 Sketchnotes - Matt Andrews

10 May 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Port80-2013 Live Port80

Sketchnote of Talk by Matt Andrews at Port80 conference

Scavenged sketchbook

07 May 2013 in Sketchbooks Tagged:

It’s always enjoyable when I get to the end of a sketchbook, and this one was no exception. This book lasted from the 3 Jan 2013 until the 3rd May 2013. I know this because some time ago I got into the habit of writing the dates when I drew something next to it - something that I’d recommend for anyone starting to keep a sketchbook.

Cutting the Mustard Sketchnote

25 Apr 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Video

Sketchnote from Tom Maslen talk at Responsive Day Out - on besquare

The Trap - Documentary Sketchnotes

08 Apr 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Video

Started watching another great Adam Curtis documentary - interestingly it goes a long way to explain the bleak worldview espoused by Thatcher. See it for free online.

Sketchnote challenge

11 Mar 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Video

Intruiging little Sketchnoting challenge set by @evalottchen to sketchnote a talk by Kevin Slavin

Romulus and Remus Sketchnotes

19 Feb 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Audio

Sketchnotes from a radio 4 programme on Romulus and Remus

The Living Dead Sketchnotes

15 Feb 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Video

I’ve recently watched Adam Curtis’ excellent documentary series ‘The Living Dead’, and thought I’d share the sketch notes I did at the time. It’s an excellent series which I’d thoroughly recommend. You can find it at Thoughtmaybe as well as loads of others.

Handheld 2012 Sketchnotes

11 Jan 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Handheld Live

I’ve collected the sketchnotes I did at the Handheld 2012 conference. It was a really enjoyable day, even taking into consideration my nerves at breaking my conference speaking cherry.

'When we build' sketch notes

07 Jan 2013 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Video

Drew some sketchnotes whilst watching the much recommended ‘When we build’ talk by Wilson Mineron the pretty handy Besquare site.

Ebooks Presentation Sketchnotes

25 Oct 2012 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Live

Sketchnotes from eBooks presentation at the University of Glamorgan by @sueburnett