Logospotter Review

Posted Jul 7th 2010 Updated Aug 20th 2015

University of Salford


Clear, no nonsense but not without some subtlety.

Changing from the animal based, slightly ‘bankish’ previous logo to a more direct and simply stated proposition. Aside from what seems a controversial association with Manchester, provoking some none too flattering coverage, the logo is plain but works well.

Nicely balanced with the different weights and colours providing a simple hierachy.

I couldn’t work out the clean sans serif that is used, but the condensed and slightly square letterforms make for a compact and bold overall device. Whilst looking for the typeface, I came across the the marvellous Salford Type Foundry

Tidying up exercise on Salford’s roundel described in the corporate guidelines. The supporting text around the Lion in a pose called rampant has been made bolder, larger and simpler, whilst also removing some ornamentation. Like the simplicity of just one lion. A strong character in a dynamic pose free of distractions alludes to the history suggested by a coat of arms, without labouring the point. The circular shape is a strong mark when done with simply and with confidence. Was reminded me of the Midland Bank Griffin

The wordmark is in sentence case and set in Frutiger, which adds a light touch to the overall mark. Also nice to see the university happy to be have a less formal feel rather than the more common uppercase.

A calming and fresh choice of green for the wordmark, contrasting nicely with the burgundy of the lion.

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