I feel like I’ve been sketching and coming up with little bits of ideas for a while now, but haven’t settled on styles, characters of treatments. Pretty big decisions that need resolving sharpish so that I can get cracking.

One idea to get the character based illustrations going is to provide them with some kind of biography, to help me flesh out how they should look.

A friend helped with a quick word association for some of the main rugby nations.

He came up with New Zealand = Passion South Africa = Brutal Scotland = Unloved Australia = Ignored France = Flair Ireland = Headless Wales = Critical

I think I need to get some more of these. Maybe ask the rugby research people at the University.

Thus far, my ideas are - for NZ, a borg style cube drawn with lots of Maori style swirls. An early version of the cube accompanies this text.

A Scottish character that bundles up all the cliches about Scotland that I can think of in one image. As per the previous “sketches”:http://www.mearso.com/rugby/more-ideas-for-scottish-themed-character