Logospotter Review

Posted Mon 4th Jul 2016 approx. 1 min read

Newman University, Birmingham

newman logo

A very curious mish mash of effects and ideas are evident on this odd effort.

I’m at a loss to understand what the radial gradients in the leaf shapes are trying to achieve. Perhaps some nostalgia for the early nineties when people discovered the horrors they could create with gradients? The existence of the a red one is also inexplicable. I have to confess that I could only see the ‘leaves’ until I saw this black and white version of the logo.

Black and white logo

and now I see the cross - which makes sense the college has a religious background. There’s certainly no disputing that the cross is a much stronger visual device, so why destroy it with gradients?

The other component of the logo is the type which is at least consistent in it’s bizarre combinations. Those radial gradients return in filling in some very awkward letters, which seem to be attempting to echo the leaf shapes. If you imagine typography as a tone of voice of a brand, it’s difficult to discern what this might be.

A low end, new age health clinic perhaps?

All very confusing.

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