Logospotter Review

Posted Tue 28th Jun 2016

Queen's University Belfast

The branding guidelines say that there are two version - portrait and landscape, but there’s no guidance which is the preferred option. There is a stipulation that the rather odd mongram pattern that fills in the Q should always be used, but at smaller sizes it seems to just fill in the Q in a rather messy fashion.

It’s a shame since the Q itself is an interesting and engaging shape - made even more so in contrast to the ugly Q used in the sans serif type accompanying the logo.

I assume the sans serif is meant to offset the more ‘traditional’ feel suggested by the flowing Q, but along with the pattern it feels insipid and a little more oomph is needed for the type to hold up it’s end of the bargain.

Tagged : Irish , Russell Group , Red , Orange , Sans-serif , Brand Guidelines

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