Read in 2022

Read in 2022

  1. Foundation and Empire Isaac Asimov Finished: Jan 15
  2. Second Foundation Isaac Asimov Finished: Jan 27
  3. Foundation's Edge Isaac Asimov Finished: Mar 12
  4. Me talk pretty one day David Sedaris Finished: Mar 26

    Resolved to get his after hearing him on Adam Buxton, and delivered in spades.

  5. Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov Finished: Mar 31

    Loved the conclusion of the epic.

  6. Shooting History Jon Snow Finished: Apr 18

    Bit slow going in parts, but refreshingly honest about his roots, career and a sense of unbelief at his luck.

  7. Prisoners of Geography Tim Marshall Finished: Apr 27

    Did what lots of books tend to do for me - got me excited enough to bore people with the revelations.

  8. The Accidental Ali Smith Finished: Jun 3

    Lovely writing - interesting voices.

  9. Naked David Sedaris Finished: Jun 22

    Funny and witty.

  10. Arriving Today Christopher Mims Finished: Jun 26

    Really enjoyed the bits on the early part of the early supply chain - the containers and boats. The later parts of the chain were a bit depressing - a story of screwing workers to marginal gains - all to feed shareholders.

  11. The Nowhere Men Michael Calvin Finished: Jul 17

    Good on a subculture that is largely unremarked on, yet crucial to a multi billion dollar industry.

  12. God is not great Christopher Hitchens Finished: Aug 2

    Strong start and compelling dismantling of religious thinking. Did ramble a bit, but worthwhile read.

  13. The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum Heinrich B├Âll Finished: Aug 14

    Really nicely written and tight little story.

  14. The Thursday Murder Club Richard Osman Finished: Aug 31

    Perfect relaxing beach book - which isn't damning with faint praise. Was charming and enjoyable.

  15. Managing archives Caroline Williams Finished: Sep 5

    Work book - plenty to learn - will come back to it.

  16. The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will be Glad That You Did) Phillipa Perry Finished: Sep 26

    Engagingly written with things to try.

  17. Inverting the Pyramid Johnathan Wilson Finished: Oct 1

    Detailed, but a bit dry and seemed to run out of steam, once some major innovations had been dealt with. Did make me think that one setup seems to inveitably blend into the next.

  18. Record Play Pause Stephen Morris Finished: Oct 11

    Always intersting insight into music making, and a slow reveal about Stephen himself.

  19. Quirkology Richard Wiseman Finished: Nov 1

    Women's personal ads would attract more replies if they were written by a man. The opposite is not true of men's ads.People would rather wear a sweater that has been dropped in dog faces and not washed, than one that has been dry-cleaned but used to belong to a mass murderer. Many more nuggets like that in an enjoyable book.

  20. Kind of Blue Ken Clarke Finished: Nov 5

    His reasoned opinions on the stupidity of the Brexit referendum made me intrigued to read about him. Working class roots and then steady path through government. A bit of a hagiography, but as with many retiring politicians able to say more interesting things when the urge for power fades.

  21. A Map of the World Antonis Antoniou,Robert Klanten,Sven Ehmann, Hendrick Hellige, Lincoln Dexter Finished: Nov 24

    Nice illustrated maps - bit a bit lacking in variety. Was considering buying this - glad I borrowed instead.

  22. Empire of Pain Patrick Radden Keefe Finished: Dec 3

    Listened to this over the course of two weeks, and I loved the way that he kept the focus on the Sacklers, and painstakingly went back through their history to catalogue what awful venal people they are. He took his time to build up a fair picture and even with that they rightly come across as monstrous. I particularly like how the slippery later generations weren't let of the hook despite their wriggling. It does still sting that they all have got off very lightly for the chaos they caused and profited from.

  23. Becoming a Supple Leopard Dr Kelly Starrett Finished: Dec 6

    Flicked through and pulled some ideas. Might be good, but haven't drink the kool aid.

  24. Municipal Dreams John Boughton Finished: Dec 28

    A great introduction to a layman like me of the broad sweep of how, housing and economic policies, architecture, design, culture and poltics mix and made concrete (and other materials) in housing. Loved how accessible he made what could easily have been very dry material.