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Posted Wed 26th Jan 2011

University of Brighton

brighton logo

Interesting diversion about stars on Wikipedia, but that doesn’t tell us anything about the star and it’s particlular relevance to Brighton.

Taking the logo at face value it is a simple very bold statement of the University in Neue Helvetica, and the star has alternating black and white panels that give a little light and shade. Aligned directly over the ‘U’ of University it reminds me of the spice star anise, though I’d guess that’s not what would have been the selling point when the logo was pitched. Perhaps more something along the lines of a shining star, obliquely suggesting achievement and even more tenuous would a reference to the star of Bethlehem by the way it hovers as a marker.

The sparse nature of this one has unsure whether it is bold simplicity is a result of lots of confidence in the organisation or a lack of flair in spelling out a vision.

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