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Posted Mon 17th May 2010 Updated Mon 27th Aug 2015 approx. 1 min read

Brunel University

brunel logo


A trusty crest cleanly drawn, juxtaposed with some modish, ‘contemporary’ typeface - Complete with some pretty inelegantly squashed curves. I wonder how long before all UK universities eventually end up with a crest as a logo?

Some curious red separators in use looking like a perspective visual illusion - they look odd, but they do actually work.

An improvment on the overly plain previous logo, and on safe ground, conforming to many people’s idea of what a University logo should look like.

Straightforward and simple

‘Brunel’ is rendered in Sentence Case with ‘University’ and ‘West London’ in uppercase and justified. There’s been no tweaking of any elements of the fonts making this probably the plainest logo that I’ve yet seen for a University. The choice of Futura is obviously meant to evoke a modern and approachable feel and the lack of either an abstract device or the more traditional coat of arms results in a very direct focus on the three pieces of information.

The spartan nature of this modernist logo was a surprise at first, and whilst it’s simplicity has grown on me, I find it too neutral

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