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Posted Sun 5th Jun 2016 Updated Sun 17th Mar 2019 approx. 1 min read

Harper Adams University

harper-adams logo


Pretty dramatic rebrand from Harper Adams announced on the web site and covered well in this article on LinkedIn

“We have created a bold, confident and modern brand that challenges preconceptions of Harper and reflects the reality of Harper today as the leading university in its sector. Our new marque is flexible enough to use in digital and analogue media – as happy in video as it is in print or at an event.

Aside from the generic guff - like who creates a timid, nervous and antiquated brand? - this quote is a least clear that the new logo is designed to work well on screens, so ‘props’ for that. As for the logo itself, not sure that the H is really necessary - without the supporting wordmark it’s pretty mysterious and with it superflouous. I do like the cropped scroll cribbed from the crest - even though it’s hardly an original idea it is done well. All plus points for a least having a vaguely different shield shape than most.

The type in the wordmark feels modern enough if a little generic - you could swap it out for myriad other options and not really miss it. You can see it in action on the Agency that helped out

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Old Logo

The use of Century Gothic in an aim to appear fresh and unstuffy works, though I wonder if that intention has gone a bit far with the crest. The gradients and highlights give it the air of a sports badge, sucking some of the gravitas that an educational institution might normally think useful.

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