unilogos Review

Posted Tue 15th Jun 2010

University of Kent

kent logo

Type only modern logo with curious integration of the letters k and e. Looks to be set in The Mix , part of the Thesis family by Lucas DeGroot. It is a mainly serif font but the wide serifs on the letters i, n and r add a little personality to what might otherwise be a neutral font.

Talking about personality, the rest of the wordmark is dominated by the curve added to the letter K that joins to the letter in e in a kind of smile, that has the e peeking out.


A pretty informal feel is created by the little additions of personality to the words, and the fact that the e is obscured rather than joined to the tail of the K is a little offputting. Overall, a simple device for an organisation aiming for a fresh approach.

Tagged : English , Sans-serif , Blue , Typographic , South East , Plateglass University , Eastern Academic Research Consortium

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