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Posted Sun 4th Jul 2010

Edinburgh Napier University

napier logo


Similar to the previously reviewed Aston University logo, this modern university firmly breaks with tradition and uses an abstract, dynamic shape to create a signature identity. Also, an echo of Aston, the Napier shape isn’t just randomly picked out, but was originally abstracted from the N of the Napier. An arcane fact and certainly one wouldn’t be aware of without the brand guidelines to reveal it.

Recently rebranded to Edinburgh Napier University from plain Napier University, the triangle is anchored by a gradient on it’s bottom point, and is considered an integral part of the logo. This simple shadow brings some interesting tension to the logo.


The guidelines tell us that Interstate is the chosen font. A modern choice with the angular slices from some ascenders and descenders perhaps a nice echo of the triangle. the large x-height and narrow characters of Interstate help minimise the space required by the logo with the recent addition of Edinburgh to the name.

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