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Posted Thu 13th Mar 2014 Updated Thu 17th Mar 2019 approx. 1 min read

University of Plymouth

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Failure of nerve? Maybe, but then who can blame them. The previous branding/campaign (covered below) felt bold and interesting, but in an increasingly tough sector - paerticulary in the South West it feels inevitable that the desire to revert to a safer option is pretty strong. Speculations on policy aside, the implementation of the idea is well done.

They’ve avoided the mistake of shoehorning lots of elements from the crest in, and used the gift of nice seaside motifs well. Typography of the wordmark has no surprises, which sort of sums up the branding.

Review 2014

Old Logo

Changed - University of Plymouth’s statement A University spokesman said: “The University has refreshed its visual identity to reflect the aims and ambitions as set out in its refreshed strategy. The University’s official name is University of Plymouth; ‘Plymouth University’ was a trading name, which we are now ceasing to use. The refreshed identity is cost neutral, using the existing shield from our Coat of Arms. The roll out, which commenced back in January, is being phased in a sustainable way, so that materials will only be updated when they come to the end of their natural shelf life. With the introduction of a new logo we fully appreciate there will be a variety of opinions and comment.” from coverage

Covered in great detail (and with lots of comments) on the Under Consideration website. Where a link can be found to the interesting rationale behind the logo revamp.

Our logo is clean, simple and bold. It has been designed using our bespoke font, which gives our brand a unique and distinctive character. Our logo must always be reproduced from master artwork and never from a second copy. It should never be recreated.

I think I agree with the commenters that say it’s more of a campaign than an Identity - though I do like the variety that stems from this approach.

The bespoke font used is based on Neuzeit Grotesk

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