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Posted Tue 20th Jul 2010 approx. 1 min read

University of Sheffield

shef logo

High level of detail used on the coat of arms - no simplification and a three colour treatment. The most obviously designed part of the logo is the wordmark - the coat of arms looks like it hasn’t been redrawn or simplified at all. The absence of such a process says something in itself - suggesting a desire not to mess with the history and tradition, preferring to leave the modernising to the wordmark. The addition of the full stop transforms the wordmark into a stronger statement which is in turn reinforced by capitalising and giving each word a line of it’s own.

Local connections

The typeface for the wordmark is called Stephenson which has been chosen and redrawn for the University. There is also a companion font called Blake, primarily used for body text. Stephenson reminded me of Clarendon, but with a lighter touch and some appealing curves, notably the fairly egg shaped ‘e’s, the crook in the ‘f’s and the laid back ‘S’.

To contain the wordmark and the coat of arms they use a simple rectangle, bringing the logo very much to the for when used on this tab device.

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