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Posted Thu 8th Jul 2010 approx. 1 min read

University of Strathclyde

strath logo

Challenging amount of location information for Strathclyde to include with a specific location followed by a more general one. Aligned to the left, and set in Meta Bold the wordmark has a clearly defined hierarchy and the condesed nature of the typeface helps to keep things tight. The typeface is a very legible and usable display face that has the suggestions of modernity but with a calming relaxed feel.

Quite a lively coat of arms in an unusual and distinctive inverted pentagon shape. There’ lots going on. There are two books, a crown, 3 Cinquefoils ,a Saltire and what appears to an ECG readout. Whilst good fun to find at larger sizes these can lose definition when smaller and the saltire becomes the dominant shape.

The pentagon shape is aligned right and the overall favoured positioning of the logo is to the bottom right of publications where it balances well in that corner.

Overall, a logo that balances the familiar need to allude to heritage with a need to be more dynamic, especially with some original choices about shapes and placement.

Tagged : Sans-serif , Brand Guidelines , Shield , Blue , Scottish , Red , Crest

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