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Posted Tue 13th Apr 2010 approx. 1 min read

University of Surrey

surrey logo

A golden stag holding a key with a gently authoritative word-mark, it’s a big improvement on the previous typographic logo. This logo, able to to be modern but comfortable in displaying traditional elements in a new way. A selection of quotes from the style guide make the purpose of the new mark explicit, even if the last quote is over-egging the pudding a bit!

The new logo and identity for the University of Surrey has been created to reflect our strong heritage whilst at the same time looking forward to the bold future the University has to offer.

The icon is derived from the University coat of arms where the stag denotes the medieval royal hunting park on which the main campus is built and the key a heraldic symbol of learning.

The stag is an effective representation of the University: bold and independent; strongly engaged with its world; challenging yet protective; forward-looking and ambitious.

A successful exercise in taking existing imagery from crest and making it modern without losing the charm of the original mark.


Thanks to the impressively comprehensive style guidelines we find the text is set in Baker Signet Regular, an inscriptional face that has lovely subtle modulation of curves offset by the calligraphic sharpness of spurs throughout - particularly on the S and E. The softer curves of the Y also end the words gently.

If I had to choose clothes to match this font, I think I’d choose a 1970s safari shirt:- something stylish and relaxed, serious yet wordly. So, an original choice for a University, that fits very well with the other distinguished element of the logo.

A graphic treatment

The Stag holding a key is taken from the University coat of arms, and has largely been turned into a silhouette. It works very in making it a clear and recognisable animal especially when in a full colour version where the rich gold tone adds a regal air to the mark. The arrangement with the text is simple and uncluttered, letting all the nice touches of the logo speak.

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