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Posted Sun 18th Jul 2010

Swansea University

swan logo

The shield shape is suggested by two calligraphic marks at the top and bottom. Incorporated in the logo is a book, an anchor, a pickaxe and a hammer. The dragon at the top of the shield looks like it has been squashed to fit the space which a little off putting, and makes it feel like an add on. The way the shield has been created with open space and marks tops and bottom, is perhaps designed to make it less formal, but also suggests an anchor shape.

For the bi-lingual element of the logo, the two parts are given roughly equal weight and prominence, both placed beneath the shield.

Modern sans-serif typeface adds to the informal feel. A very curvy and modulated typeface, Cosmos has some extreme changes in strokes and a large x-height, setting a fresh yet quirky tone.

Probably one element too far (the dragon)betraying a lack of focus in an otherwise fresh take on a university logo.

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