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Posted Tue 25th Aug 2015

University for the Creative Arts

ucreative logo

A conceptual grid-like logo for an Arts University. Stark in it’s execution, this is the simplest expression of some basic shapes that the organisation has the responsibility as a design led organisation to show what it can do. A great example of the confidence and expression possbible can be seen in the development of these basics into a distinctive and expressive printed prospectus, covered in detail on ‘underconsideration’ and on Creative Review - where some of the commenters seem not to like it.

I’m not a huge fan of the logo itself, as I think it’s a little too sparse, though I with the prospectus example one can see how it can be developed and built on. It would be nice to see similar development of the possibilities on the website, where the logo doesn’t look that strong on it’s own.

Tagged : South West , Sans-serif , Monocolour

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