Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 1

Posted Fri 21st Mar 2014 approx. 1 min read

Setting up

After a day off with sniffles, what could be more enjoybale than a morning trying to get various versions of django to play nicely on my machine? Lots of things I’m sure. Getting heartily sick of faffing around and reluctant to invest too much time into the ins and outs of python, I started looking and virtualenv, as a way to better quarantine different verisons of django.

Later on in the day Also had a look at vagrant to do a similar thing. If virtualenv is the yellow overalls of a HAZMAT suit, then vagrant seems to be the full NBC offering.

Followed by frustrating day of setting stuff up rather than designing and working on ideas. The end of the day picked up when I managed to release some small css changes that have been hanging around for a while.

I suppose the universe decided to reward me for my slogging away setting up development environments because after some quick template changes first thing, the next two days have been doing some actual designing. It was good fun trying to track down some options for a DIN lookalike that we can use on some new websites. I then finished the day learning about the options for embedding google maps - a pretty straightforward task , made all the more enjoyable by the fact that I’ve been meaning to look at it for ages, and now finally have.