Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 10

Posted Mon 19th May 2014 approx. 1 min read

Out and about in Newport

Main events of last week were the Port80 event and plenty of meetings kicking off what looks like being a fairly intensive period of work for us this summer.

I can’t say too much about the latter at the moment, though I think it might be helpful to try to write here to keep the work I have to do on time and on track.

So, I’ll talk about Port80 instead. The lineup of speakers that Joel put together was a great mix. I did my usual sketchnoting and the range is hopefully reflected there. The talk by Denise was a great set of ideas and tools to avoid self sabotage while Matt entertained and horrifed us with a tale from the trenches.

Dan has obviously thought long and hard about content and making it truly responsive, rather than just sprinkling some media query fairy dust. I liked the way Nathan explained how integral layout is to content, and showed how it has been considered throughout history.

Louise Tierney Gave us a timely reminder to work harder for our users, and dovetailing with that Kimberley gave an illuminating talk showing just how hard disabled users are sometimes made to work.

Roy Introduced us to the dark arts of psychology and how we can use it, whilst Kevin Evans Talked about iBeacons, technology and the attendant cans of worms we open when using them - quoting the queen in the process.

I managed to speak to quite a few lovely and interesting people and I’d definitely encourage anyone who doesn’t consider themselves to be a ‘networking’ type of person to just say hello - it really is that simple.