Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 20

Posted Wed 30th Jul 2014


Bugger! late on this note on account of :-

  • forgetting
  • being daunted by having to remember a busy week
  • having a lot to do this week

I’ve never been a consistent adherent to the todo list, and when the pressure has come pn this last week, I can go for a while without looking, thus beginning the negative feedback loop. So my done.txt file can’t help me this time. I’ll have to rely on my crappy memory.

I’ve being designing parts of web pages for our new site and we’ve been quite organised in creating a pattern library for them to go in. I designed a few ‘call to action’ buttons, and could probably still be tweaking in a months time, but one has to stop somewhere - done is better than not done.

Like this feeble weeknote.