Weeknotes Season 2 Episode 2

Posted Fri 5th Aug 2016 approx. 1 min read

Picture weeknote Working out what to do next.

Picture weeknote

Since I use (or try to) drawings and scribblings to make sense of the work I have to do, I though it’d include it when relevant to the weeknote.

This scribble is all about me working out how to get started on the process of getting our CSS and HTML production ready for the latest bit of work I’ve been working on. If I’m honest I’ve been procrastinating like crazy on this, and grabbing the nearest pens was a good way to get over the bump of starting.

A couple of tricky support issues came in this week which were handy bits of procrasti-work. They needed attention, but frustratingly they were more about communication issues and working out what had happened than any specific issues that could be pinned down to code. Once you get into the right investigative mindset then support can be quite fun - espcially when you bear in mind that there’s usually a person (a user, if you will) who you are helping. The tricky bit I guess, is settling down intending to do one thing and having to switch focus. The twin things to guard - Time and Attention.

I finally made some progress by reading the excellent CSS Guidelines which was really useful as a starting point. Using some of the ideas in there I was able to begin. I even managed to not disappear down the rabbit hole of configuring one’s text editor - though I did turn up a handy link about snippets in Atom.

Hopefully, our team has made some progress with it’s weekly meeting - recognising that it needs someone to take charge to run it smoothly. Who knew, that meetings are like most things in that you get out what you put in.

One small thing this week was re-discovering Radio 4 on podcast. Really enjoying them.