Weeknotes Season 4 Episode 2

Posted Sat 26th Aug 2017 approx. 2 min read

Structure, all about structure.

I wrote last week about how some work came in that ended up giving some useful shape to the week and made for an enjoyably focused week. Well, the start of this week was quite different. I found it quite difficult to work out which of the things on our big list to tackle next. It’d be pretty easy to pick the one I fancied doing the most, but trying to be reactive to the general sense of what is the most pressing thing to attend I was looking for the overall roadmap for context. Not a bad idea you might think, but the roadmap is also one of the things in progress, and that was dependent on others who are understandably pre-occupied with the Clearing activity happening at the moment.

In the end I plumped for a clearing of the decks and opted to deal with a load of well intentioned but stalled Todo items in various Projects.

It worked out pretty well, as a way to get the ball rolling. I started dealing with things and making decisions which got me warmed up for some fun in the second half of the week.

I’d had an email asking for our activities around accessibility for a strategic plan, and had some fun with the new(to me at least) audits features in Chrome. Lighthouse was a great way to get started on the ‘performance’ heading on our whiteboard of tasks. Running the audits in Chrome was super interesting and like catnip for me an my curiousity. The old ‘learn more’ link next to something I don’t understand really hits the spot for me.

The avenue that I enjoyed this week was learning about JSON-LD. I’ve been interested in Schema.org but in practice, found marking up existing HTML with all the attributes made it much more difficult to follow whe in was distributed through the markup. Once I read a little about JSON-LD then it was time to add it to my own site as a away to learn how to mark a subject I know a little about (me).

I used the lovely article by Paul D’Ambra to get me started, and thoroughly enjoyed getting in touch with my inner librarian. Looking forward to going crazy marking up as much as I can find using my new found confidence.