Weeknotes Season 5 Episode 5

Posted Sun 7th Feb 2021 approx. 1 min read


Accessibility jobs demanded my attention this week. The monthly Working Group, and a really useful event put together by the experts at Kent University. Even though Accessibility isn’t part of my work I’ve taken it on by virtue of having some knowledge and a desire to do the right thing. I’ve found it frustrating this month since the momentum that I thought was building (even a little) seems to have stalled, and I’m back to chasing and cajoling. Maybe the time has come for a more direct approach.

Setting down some targets for my performance review, which is always more work than I remember, and one of those work ‘admin’ tasks that everytime I do I think this will be easier the more I do, but then the frequency slips and it all becomes hard again. The brutal assessement might be if it slips then it’s not that important, but this time, this time we’ll make it work.

I had some fun finding a use for something that I’d always been vaguely aware people used, but could never see a use for myself - Mail Merges. They always struck me as an old-fashioned and clunky way to do stuff, but I understand more how ingenious people can be with constraints. I used it this week to create a series of documents relating to records, and it worked pretty well as a start for disentangling information about stored boxes and their contents.