IWMW 2016

Sketchnotes from two very interesting days at IWMW Read more

Port80 2016

Sketchnotes from a busy day in Newport Read more

World Sketchnote Day 2016

Some thoughts about sketchnotes on #SNDay016 Read more

The Psychopath Test Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from an interesting and enjoyable book Read more

IWMW15 Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from the always great IWMW conference Read more

The Martian Way

Sketchnotes to help me remember what I read. Read more

OER15 Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from two days of the Open Educational Reources conference. Read more

Railsconf 2014 Keynote

Sketchnotes from a youtube video of DHH's keynote at Railsconf 2014 Read more

Winter Localhost 2014

Collected Sketchnotes from Winter Localhost 2014 in Newport. Read more

The Web Is...

Collected Sketchnotes from 'the Web is' conference held in Cardiff 2014. Read more

Sketchnotes by speaker

I've organised all the sketchnotes by speaker. It's a long list. Read more

Gov Camp Cymru

The sketchnotes I did from the first Gov Camp in Wales Read more

IWMW 2014 Sketchnotes

Collected sketchnotes from IWMW2014 Read more

Port80 2014 Sketchnotes

Collected sketchnotes from Port80 2014 Read more

Handheld 2013 Sketchnotes

Collected sketchnotes from Handheld 2013 Read more

IWMW 2013 Sketchnotes

Collected sketchnotes from IWMW2013 Read more

Port80 2013 Sketchnotes

Collected sketchnotes from Port80 2013 Read more

Practical Takeaway Doodle

Shame I couldn’t go - but I... Read more

Creative Morning Sketc...

It really was a creative morning for... Read more

Port80 2014 Slides

I attended the Port80 2014 conference, and... Read more

Port80 Localhost Sprin...

Interesting evening at localhost in Newport, with... Read more


If you’re not blanking, then you’re not... Read more

ODI Lunchtime Lecture

I listened to the a lunchtime lecture... Read more

Port80 Summer Localhos...

I drew some sketchnotes at the Port80... Read more

Open Knowledge Bookspr...

Sketchnotes from Open Knowledge Foundation Booksprint 3rd... Read more

Cutting the Mustard Sk...

Sketchnote from Tom Maslen talk at Responsive... Read more

The Trap - Documentary...

Started watching another great Adam Curtis documentary... Read more

Sketchnote challenge

Intruiging little Sketchnoting challenge set by @evalottchen... Read more

Romulus and Remus Sket...

Sketchnotes from a radio 4 programme on... Read more

The Living Dead Sketch...

I’ve recently watched Adam Curtis’ excellent documentary... Read more

Handheld 2012 Sketchnotes

I’ve collected the sketchnotes I did at... Read more

Ebooks Presentation Sk...

Sketchnotes from eBooks presentation at the University... Read more

ILM Sketchnotes

A selection of sketchnotes from a series... Read more

DISAG Day presentation...

Collected sketchnotes from the DISAG Showcase Read more

Team Meeting

Notes from a meeting Read more

@media2005 Sketchnotes

Looking back, through some very old things... Read more

Post Modernist Graphic...

Last night’s lecture was about post modern... Read more