Running into a Data dead end.

25 May 2017

A Wise man once said to me that blogging is a about the journey, not the destination so I’m trying to document this journey such as it is. It starts with a realisation which provoked a question, which led to some action.

Sometimes the data is boring

17 May 2017

For reasons unknown to even me, I was looking at the UCISA website whilst watching an interesting stream from the event held recently. Whilst browsing around the site I began to be curious about the organisation and started thinking about the structure of it; all the special interest groups and subsequent committees that Higher Education organisations seem to love. My curiosity coalesced around the question of how representative of the sector the organisation is.

Designing charts to learn about designing charts

25 Jan 2017

In my previous blog post I explained how I’ve been logging my film watching with a google spreadsheet hooked up to some simple tools, now I’ll describe how I took that info and turned it into a visually appealing chart.

Fun with Google Sheets and APIs

05 Jan 2017

I watched a lot of films this year.