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Tagged: | Posted: Wed, Apr 22, 2015 approx. 1 min read

Whilst posting my sketchnotes from the OER15 conf a good question was asked about how to share and attribute the pics I was posting on twitter. I realised that I didn’t have any licencing info on the notes so rectified that by putting a ‘CC-BY’ on the sketchnotes, and creating a definitive place for them to live.

I enjoyed seeing bits of the sketchnotes being used in @mariekeguy’s excellent roundup.

One of the interesting conversations they sparked on twitter was from Teresa MacKinnon, who inspired by @sheilmcn was looking for an Open Eductaional Practioner badge. I hadn’t intended to do any work on such a thing on account of having lots of other things to do, but i couldn’t resist doodling some ideas, and what better to do than share them in the spirit of open?

So here are some doodles around the idea of an ‘OEP’ badge.

OEP Badge sketches

I then began doodling in Illustrator - a very different kind of doodling, moving shapes and playing with some typography. These are some of the more interesting (to me at least) variations.

OEP Badge variatio s

Whilst coming up with the simpler versions, it occured to me that a more conceptual way of doing things might be to simply have a circle for open , and encourage people to draw their own characters, portraits or representations. In the examples I’ve drawn I like the contrast of pencil against the sharper ‘o’.

OEP Badge sketches

So - I thought i’d cast these out into the ether to see if anyone thought any of the ideas are worth running with, rather than have them sitting quietly on my hard disk.