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Looking back through the books I’ve read this year, the randomness of the charity shop has set me on a path of music related biographies and memoirs, and now that santa brought me Bass Guitar for Dummies, I’m obviously about to become a musician. I enjoyed the different styles of each fo the four books listed as they covered what it’s like to form a band, survive in one, what it’s like to be into music but not a musiscian and also detailed some of the less obvious human costs of that way of life.

  • The Big Midweek
  • Touching from a distance
  • Bedsit Disco Queen
  • Going to Sea in a Sieve

Big thinking books were the Status Game - which deserved some notes all to itself, and Black Box Thinking, which I found most interesting when comparing cultures of Aviation and Healthcare and their supposed attitudes to mistakes.

Also managed to read a decent amount and variety of fiction.

What I thought about all the books are over at read this year

Film and TV

Watched a lot less film this year, and unsurprisingly, more TV. Tended to find a series and binge it, so we did Endeavour - an enjoyable detective series about young Morse, with Roger Allam excelling as Fred Thursday. I did solo watch of Barry, Yellowjackets seemed to go under lots of people’s radar, but was good. Was late to the party with Dectorists, but was lovely. I stuck it out to the end of Last of Us, but was just ok by the end.

Notable highjlights in film were - a couple of interesting scifi n Lapsis and Vesper, a good run of horror, with Bull, Train to Busan, Censor and the very odd Deerskin, interruppted by Jeepers Creepers - which was dull. The other big stinker was the hot mess that was The Boondock Saints. Full list over at Letterboxd


Still ploughing through my Masochistic Listening project and getting the occasional nice surprise, but realising it doesn’t take that much to make the list.