Sketchnotes IWMW16 -Martin Hawksey

Tagged: Iwmw16 Iwmw Live | Posted: Wed, Jun 22, 2016

IWMW16 -Martin Hawksey Large version for download

The google analytics of things

Always good to throw in a geeky exploration of tech among all this strategising, and Martin didn’t disappoint. I’m sure there were plenty of people having ‘oh, we could do that’ moments during his talk. I’d forgotten about the measurement protocol, but thankfully Edele at Kent didn’t. Overall it emphasised what I’ve been realising for a while - that learning (more than my basic) GA will be of real use in better understanding what people are doing and wanting on the things we build. The hard part I think is investing the time to get up to speed. The masterclass session I attended on Tag Manager, was a stretch for my limited analytics knowledge, but did do plenty to inspire me to get cracking in Tag Manager.

The masterclass sessions are classic for firing you up and doing things when you get back to the office.