Sketchnotes IWMW16 -Neil Allison

Tagged: Iwmw16 Iwmw Live | Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2016

IWMW16 -Neil Allison Large version for download

Requirements Are Hypotheses: How Lean UX Can Help You Develop Better Products

I’ve seen Neil speak a few times now, and am always impressed at how embedded the UX and User testing activities at Edinburgh seem to be. In this session Neil was open in his admiration for and lessons taken from Jeff Gothelf’s Book and the idea of why things exist - to support a business objective - is such a clear and simple idea, but remarkably complicated for an organisation to have clarity about. I suppose the dream for this activity would be to trace everything you produce back to a business goal, and then measure how effective it’s been. I also liked the emphasis that features on their own, are not good measures of success - The product death cycle

The big thing I’m hoping to take out of this is to start taking some concrete steps towards structured, sustainable and useable user testing activity