Sketchnotes IWMW17 Andrew Millar

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IWMW17 Andrew Millar
Having a Good Crisis...and Not Wasting It
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Andrew talked a bit about the various organisational changes that they’ve undergone that universities are so fond of, and how that process has created opportunities to tackle some pretty fundamental problems.

One simple idea that I loved was the change from support services to professional services. A simple name change, whilst not being a silver bullet, seeks to alter perceptions of the service and the people running it, positioning them as more of an equal.

Another gem was the chart he used to make it clear who and what was getting all the traffic on the website, and so which things they should be focusing on. The process of things coming into focus at Dundee seemed to come across, with more emphasis on student recruitment.

I especially liked his ideas around the content management system, being only a partial answer, and what is really needed is less ad hoc development and culture change to a more organised and responsive culture. It was good too, that he recognised that all of this is hard, and a work in progress.