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Tagged: Iwmw18 Iwmw Live | Posted: Wed, Jul 18, 2018

Understanding Invisible Labour
Large version for download

I was looking forward to Gareth’s talk based on the topic and the knowledge that he is one of those strange people that don’t seem to get nervous and actively enjoys public speaking. He didn’t disappoint.

The whole concept of task switching is something that everyone does, yet no-one has a plan for dealing with it. Until now.

Super interesting process talk about the detail of doing knowledge work. Expertly delivered.

Gareth also cited some research into task switching, which then got me googling, Task Switching as a concept. Framing work in terms of micro tasks if super helpful to try to account for where all your effort goes and why you might feel you’re not achieveing as much as you’d like. (even if you are)

I don’t think I’ve done the talk much justice, but if you head on over to the talk page you can get the slides and the full talk. Well worth your time - if you can concentrate for long enough!