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Tagged: Live | Posted: Mon, Jun 13, 2005 approx. 1 min read

@media2005 Sketchnotes

Looking back, through some very old things on the site I found some drawings from @meda2005 - my first conference, and as I see now the start of me drawing during talks. This it what I wrote at the time.

Well, so many things and so little space in my head.

Managed to speak to Molly and thank her for my chapter in CSS Zen Garden book. Which Kev Evans managed to mention at almost every opportunity. I can see now where she gets the energy to write all those books!

Managed to rather embarass myself by asking Joe Clark a stupid question about captions/subtitles whilst drunk, I can only hope his pointed explanation of the difference between them the next day, wasn’t just for my benefit. He also rather threw me by asking for a shoe phone - presumably not some kind of Bulgarian secret police gadget, but a slighty larger than usual feature laden phone.

Very pleased to speak to Mark and Simon from the BBC, and get into a discussion about typefaces.

Ed played spot the Threadless t-shirt with amongst others, Jon

Would’ve liked to talk more with Denis who must be delighted that his lovely logo looked great on the orange bags.

One particular pleasure was the drawings I did as a memory aid of each presentation. The best of these was this one of Andy Budd