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Posted Tue 17th Aug 2010

Birmingham City University

bcu logo

Comprehensive roundup of the History of Birmingham City University history, particularly the history of the brand can be found on the wikipedia page.

The logo itself is a tiger taken from a coat of arms from one of the constituent parts of the university. An unfussy and nicely detailed rendering, it is given pride of place in the logo, where it’s large scale in comparison to the type really shows it off. Added to this is the strong contrast of the deep gold and blue.

A Counterpoint to the tiger is the choice of a weight of FF DIN a modern and efficient font in uppercase to make the identity clear. It’s very readable and compressed nature contrasts well with the heraldic feel of the tiger, and it’s all finished off well with university set in lowercase.

A solid square contains everything, making a very self contained identity that manages to scale from a simple letterhead to the sides of buildings.

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