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Posted Tue 8th Mar 2011

University of Bedfordshire

beds logo

Suprising to find out that Befordshire University is a recently created organisation and not born out the creation of many Polytechnics in the sixties. The logo looks like it has a very clear lineage to that era with it clean abstraction of the letter U and B. It also put me in mind of tulips, though I’m not sure that Bedfordshire has any particular association with them.

Whilst being a strong graphic device, the tulips are not well complimented by the light sans serif font that sits passively next to it.The tulips overpower the text and in the proportions used I can’t help thinking that placing the text beneath the image would have integrated things better. It’s maybe even a little too cool for a University, no matter how go-ahead and exciting; I could easily imagine it as a software developers logo, or on a club night flyer. Interesting basic shapes to build edesigns on though.

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