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Posted Fri 14th Mar 2014

Bishop Grosseteste University

bishopg logo

Very recently becoming a university has meant a change for the logo of the wonderfully named Bishop Grosseteste University.

Old Logo

The old logo was an entertaining solution to a pretty tortuous name, using a nice combination of type and negative space. Even managing to suggest the shape of a bishop’s crosier.

Bishop Grosseteste University has today unveiled its new corporate identity. Its logo retains the ecclesiastical purple used previously and now features a bishop’s mitre and two lions passant taken from Bishop Robert Grosseteste’s episcopal coat of arms. These can be seen on Robert Grosseteste’s monument in the South-East Transept at Lincoln Cathedral.

The above description explains the contents and lineage of the logo, which treads the well worn path of universities who like to emphaise tradition. All works reasonably enough, with some Garamondesque uppercase accompaniment. For me, it lacks the graphic life of the previous logo, but is a steady, safe choice.

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