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Posted Sun 22nd Sep 2013 Updated Sun 17th Mar 2019 approx. 1 min read

University of Bolton

bolton logo


The march of the shield continues. This time Bolton appear to be evolving the logo in front of our very eyes. Adding a small shield and a tagline to the pretty ugly original, managing the impressive task of making it uglier and more confused. I presume that it’s a work in (very public)progress and will predictably have a shield and name combo before too long.

Older version

Old Logo

Using Gill Sans in white on a blue background seems a pretty safe, modern-ish option for this logo, but it’s then accompanied by a particularly awkward gold ‘S’ curve on a pale blue square. It’s not immediately obvious what (if anything) the shape is alluding to which only makes the random nature of the curve worse. It certainly isn’t a graceful shape, not helped by the way that it protrudes out of the top of the box.

The brand guidelines do a valiant job of defending the space around the logo to make it work, but I’m not sure the idea of an abstract shape that can be used to provide some suggestion of dynamism or energy works when the shape is so distracting and puzzling.

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