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Posted Wed 21st Apr 2010 approx. 1 min read

Buckinghamshire New University

bucks logo

Suggestive of many things

Suggestive of a Whirlwind, Orange peel, the Pepsi logo, James Bond’s gun barrel and maybe even some swimming dolphins. This circular mark certainly has some energy to it. With such an open, abstract mark there’s potential for people to come up with more of their own interpretations. The intention is clearly to use a dynamic, eye-catching device to signal a young and fresh institution.

Does it do that? Partly. The colours are bright and allied with the boldness of the painterly marks means it is almost overpowering. It does look like something stopped in mid animation, and the circle is a strong focal point. However, a trade off seems to have been made with a slightly generic abstraction used at the expense of a more specific sense of place.


The choice of the modern Flux Regular all set in lowercase, for the trading name ‘bucks new university’ fits with the idea to make a distinctive, bright first impression. It seems odd to use all lowercase, when the uppercase B of Flux seems to have the quirkiness of the odd shape bowl of the ‘b’ but with a stronger vertical. The ‘new university’ has a tint applied to give more prominence to ‘bucks’.

Delighting in ‘bucking’ convention in a strategy to stand out, the logo does draw on a different visual vocabulary from usual university logos. I wonder though, whether such in your face dynamism can be maintained.

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