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Posted Thu 12th Aug 2010 Updated Thu 6th Dec 2017 approx. 2 min read

University of Dundee

dundee logo


The new Dundee logo is a product of a pretty thorough rinsing through the corporate branding washing machine. It’s come a bit faded, but all shiny and new. Especially impressive are the resources that place the logo at the centre of a well executed design system that goes into great detail about how to get all the elements that make up a brand. Well worth a read

An severe pruning of the old logo, but with the familiar shield/type combo that is so popular in the sector. It does seem a slightly odd choice to top align the text to the shield which gives the impression of it just being a but too big, and jutting out the bottom of the whole thing.

Almost antiseptically clean, an example of logo that is designed to play a supporting role in a larger more comprehensive system.

Older Review

Old logo

Standard university crest, drawn in a very pale way that makes it look almost like clip art. Accompanied by some puzzling graphics device, that come with an pretty literal explanation.

The geometric foundation of the design is based upon a circular form, which makes reference to the Institution’s global perspective and international reputation in teaching and research. The typographic elements demonstrate a hierarchy which promotes the importance of the location within the nomenclature. The group of circles represents the incremental growth of knowledge and experience and the progressive development of the University as an educational leader. This thematic device continues through to the linear band on the right of the Coat of Arms and describes the cyclical movement of time, indicating progression and new directions.

Interestingly, the logo as presented is claimed to

achieve an aesthetic balance and unity of form which offers versatility across the Corporate Identity Scheme.

Which I’m not entirely sure about. At present it seems there are some intriguing ideas but the elements feel disconnected. The pale treatment of the circles and linear band prevents them from tightening the rest of the logo. Unfortunately the elements seem to float around the strong traditional core of the logo without adding too much.

On the university website, a different and much tighter logo is used that eschews the graphic signifiers and is content to present a shield and the location.

University-of-Dundee Article Image

Sometimes the well worn path might be better.

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