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Posted Thu 26th Jun 2014 approx. 1 min read

University of St Mark and St John

marjon logo

Straightforward explanation of the abstract crest element of this logo on the Marketing website

Head of Marketing & Communications, Kerryanne Delbridge said, “After working on a number of possible concepts, we formulated a three-quarter shield design for our logo, which provides a modern twist to the original crest. For the typeface of the University we chose a traditional serif font to reflect our legacy and to align with our original crest which remains the anchor of our brand and which will continue to be used in full for ceremonial occasions.

The four ‘dark red’ coloured diamond-shaped representations in the new logo form the central tenets of the brand identity. The diamonds, which are taken from the crest, represent new life and culture. The diamonds are separated by a modern representation of the crossed swords taken from the crest and which also aligns with the cross separating the four castles on Plymouth City’s coat of arms.

The description has somehow missed the similarity to a golfing jumper, and I’m not sure that the three-quarter shield really suggests modernity, and the overall treatment ends up being neither wholly modern or traditional.

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