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Posted Tue 5th Jul 2016 Updated Tue 11th Apr 2018 approx. 1 min read

Northumbria University

northumbria logo


Parhaps it’s inevitable that all Universities will eventually gravitate to a shield, and eventually it will be compulsory. If it is the case that the OfS will eventually mandate ‘shields for all’ then maybe they will also take a hand in how they are executed.

Northumbria have a ton of the usual blah in the press release about the identity, but the crest seems to be needlessly clunky in execution. If it had captured the spirit of the original crest that it’s based on it would have been lovely, and reading through the press release I sense the dead hand of a committee sucking the life out.

The rest of the wordmark is neat enough, but with such a restricted format then the small details matter.

Some interesting discussion over on the Brand New

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Old Logo

Newcastle has a bridge. Northumbria University (based in Newcastle) has a bridge-like swoop. I have no clue why the second line of uppercase text needs to be the size it is in relation to the all lowercase ‘northumbria’. I guess its supposed to fit under the swoop shape, but it’s just not interesting enough. Picking it out in blue doesn’t improve it.

I get that there could be a nice nod to the bridge, but the implementation just doesn’t seem up to the job.

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