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Posted Wed 30th Jan 2013 approx. 1 min read

University of East London

uel logo

Described as the plectrum in the corporate brand guidelines in 2011, the logo is an evolution of an earlier solely typographic word mark.

I think the shape itself is a pretty appealing, with now jarring sharp angles or edges. It’s a prototypical unthreatening shape. Vaguely dynamic in a clincal way. The typography contained within is a nice contrast. Very specifically, Helvetica Neue LT Pro is the typeface - adding to the medical feel.

The most interesting information gleaned from the guidelines is the system of specific graphic devices designed to use the logo in an illustrative capacity.

UEL logo device

Called the ‘river lockup’ the plectrum is combined with a representation of the River Thames made up of multiple coloured circles. Apparently reprsenting a journey of transformation, there are detailed explanations and variations for many different combinations.

I think the idea of a system of graphic devices to support the brand is an innovative one. In addition to the River device, there is the stream and the orbs, which combine with the logo to give designers tasked with creating interesting brand compliant work a solid set of tools. How they put these elements together is the challenge.

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