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Posted Mon 28th Nov 2011 Updated Mon 28th Feb 2018

University of Winchester

winchester logo

Reproducing the logo here you can see a pretty obviously flaw in the way the detail gets lost at small sizes, and yet a cross hatched checkerboard is also pretty uninspired when large. The Shield and word format is more ocnventional that the distinctive old logo, but judging by some of the Facebook comments people seem happier with the blander, safer option.

An odd left alignment and space on the right in the wordmark completes a thoroughly conformist logo.

Special mention goes out to the very glossy video that manages to be exciting and vibrant and slick whilst simultaneously feeling totally generic.

Previous Logo review

Old logo

Not entirely sure which is the definitive logo, since I’ve seen a a few variations in colour in print and on the web.In a similar fashion to the university of Nottingham, an iconic building associated with the locality has been chosen and drawn in a simple style. It provides a solid counterpoint to the very traditional, almost formulaic uppercase serif chosen here.

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