unilogos Review

Posted Mon 22nd Nov 2010

University of Wolverhampton

wlv logo

A two part logo with some neat and clear text on the right, accompanied by an unusual combination on the left. In the text the University location is stressed in a relaxed sans serif, and supplemented by three words which I would assume to a tag line. Unfortunate that the logo doesn’t especially reinforce the tag line. It consists of a shape like a rosette ribbon. Perhaps alluding to a seal or certificate. Like the ribbon one might see attached to an official seal of some kind. Across this is place a squiggly w, reversed out of the white of the ribbon.

I find the w a little awkward - it’s neither elegant or sweeping like calligraphy, or rough and vibrant like a textured handwritten w could be.

When one thinks of the classic fun that can be had with one of the alphabets more jagged shapes, the w here adds little.

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