Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 4

Posted Fri 4th Apr 2014 approx. 2 min read


Still working on the prototypes for the new site, and realizing that the deadline is approaching quickly. Managed to release and get some good feedback on what’s been done so far. Not panicing yet, but it’s slowly dawning on me that the new method me and Ed (workmate)have been considering - of getting sign-off on static prototypes, and then handing them over to the developers to engineer - will require some changes on my part.

My CSS, LESS and SASS tends to be pretty messy during development, and I’ve been very guilty of thinking that I would tidy things up nearer launch. Of course, this never happens and I resolve to be neater and more organised next time. It gets a little better, but when I have to get sign off and then hand off, it would miss the point if developers had to keep coming back for clarifications all the time.

In amongst the new site work I’ve also picked up a few tweaks that people have asked for, and was able to quickly. This week I was on ‘daily checks’. A pretty tedious job we all take turns in that I have some strong opinions about, but instead chose to get them done and out of the way. A consequence of these is that I find it much harder to get my head right and concentrate, having been distracted that way.

In other news, Textdrive finally died, which required me to go a bit faster than I was expecting on hosting sites elsewhere. I’ve moved most things to githib for now - with the intention of simplfying. In retrospect it was a good hurry up and most things moved pretty seamlessly thanks to the backup I took a few months ago.

I also did what I call ‘nesting’. Ever since my teens, I’ve felt the urge to reorganise my space. It used to be my bedroom, and now is my study. In a futile attempt to arrive at the optimum layout, I rearrange books, stationary desks, IT and anything else I think might do the trick. As a consequence, this time my drawing board has had some room made for it which is leading to more drawing, which I’m very happy about.

I nearly forgot, but @pip finally posted the guest blog post I wrote for the lovely people at the University of Bath Digital Marketing and Comms Team