Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 5

Posted Sun 13th Apr 2014 approx. 1 min read


A belated post this week, since a Friday off messed with my routine.

This week I took part in a content strategy session where we talked about new approaches that we want to take with the content that we have and create a new framework for the content that we create in the future. It was a good day with plenty to think about. The most gratifying part was the enthusiasm to make sure that the strategy informs how we actually work. All too often they can be full of lofty ambitions but light on the tactics of implementation.

In fact, that focus on implementing ideas fully, rather than just having them was something I took from Dave Addey’s talk at handheld 2012 (Video no longer available).

The action that came of out that meeting was to work up visuals of the ideas into a format that we could explain our ideas in a broad brush way to get the strategy agreed. It was fun to working on ideas in this way - the compressed nature of the work sometimes certainly helped push things along. Perhaps an ideal combination would be a period or really intense work, followed by some time to reflect and evaluate. We’ll see if we can manage that over the next few months.