Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 7

Posted Sun 27th Apr 2014


Looking back through my done tasks for yet another 3 day week, It’s good to remind myself just how much I got done - even if I wasn’t as organised enough to put everything in the list on account of being so busy. I’m starting to get the hang of this TODO list lark. The thing that has helped me was the discovery of http://todotxt.com/ - the simplicity has been the killer feature for me, not having to worry about the latest and greatest list app, and where my data is or whether the service will be around next week.

The site that I’ve been working furiously on, will hopefully go live next week. I’m trying not to overthink the launch and not stress about all the things that I did wrong or would do differently. Though I am resolving to write up some thoughts about how it’s all gone so that I can capture what worked well and what didn’t.