Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 16

Posted Mon 30th Jun 2014 approx. 1 min read


The big task this week was sitting round the table with our marketing and content people to thrash out what design templates will be needed for our upcoming work. The idea was to come out of the meeting with a direction for how many design templates we are likely to need and what content types will go on them. A corollary of that is having to be much clearer about what our content types actually are.

Despite knowing that it’s often a good idea to work out lots of detail before actually beginning it’s awfully tempting when faced with a tight deadline to be keen to start designing in the browser. This time I’m trying to save time later by working out much more before I begin work on the page. I’m finding it challenging to know when enough is enough, but this week was really good to sit down with Ed and work out lots of things together. There are still wireframes (and that term can mean different things to different people) to do, but it feels like progress to have at least how we will organise the content further along than we were last week.