Weeknotes Season 1 Episode 17

Posted Mon 7th Jul 2014

Work experience

Hofstadter’s law gets me every time, and last week it was the production wireframes for sign off. It took way longer than I intended, even though I was trying my best to be rapid and ruthless in creating them.

However, managed to get them done in time, and hopefully in a fashion that turned out be useful.

The other big event of this week was having my youngest son join me for the week in the office. He was doing his work experience, and it was intruiging and enjoyable to have him there. It was interesting to get his views on work in general, the office environment and the work I set him.

I put him to work on some HTML and CSS tutorials on Code Academy and then he graduated to some more involved Javascript lessons. He seemed to enjoy them, and I think the whole work atmosphere rubbed off, since I hadn’t been able to get him interested up to now.

It was work, and it was an experience.