Weeknotes Season 3 Episode 1

Posted Mon 20th Feb 2017


Been trying to bring some order and action to Ed and my discussions about styleguides, pattern libraries and design documentation this week. We’ve talked for a long time about our need for some or all of the above, and we’re finally getting started on making it happen. I’m particularly trying to avoid the ‘fresh start’ scenario whereby I start out with big ideas and then get frustrated that they aren’t happening immediately. I’m trying to be much more realistic and incremental with this one.

One thing that is helping with that is having plenty of other interesting things to work on, that also need some attention. This week that has been some fun in PowerBI where I can bring my skills in design to bear on an interest in presenting data. Especially interesting, since the data I’m looking at is pretty crucial to the business, yet has historically been pretty poorly presented.

Also been enjoying getting back into Jekyll.